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For most homes, the backyard is the premier setting for outdoor activities and landscape viewing.The contours and parameters of the backyard is established by the patio. Two foremost considerations should be acknowledged when constructing a backyard patio: functionality and form. In regards to functionality, the design should recognize the needs of the home: outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire-pits and other recreational and landscape enhancements determined by the wants and needs of the home-owner. Once functionality of the patio is established, the form of the backyard landscaping melds to the outline of the patio and takes shape to the defined environment.

Patio-before-afterWhen installing patio's the most important thing is compaction. The base could be made up of cement or rca (Recycled Concrete Aggregate). Depending on the situtaion one may be better than other, but these are the primary ways of doing it. Compacting every few inches is the key to a good base. At Design and Build Landscape we guarantee are patio's will not settle with a warranty.

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